Daily tip #40| The rest is over.

It's been a week and three days since my last post, and I have to admit, I just had to take some time off writing. I sincerely hope all of you are still there with me, and from today, I am going to be taking the my creation, this post, very seriously. Follow along on how to get back into it.

First of all, the strongest and best advice there is about getting back into it is..

Just don't even stop it in the first place– Avoid breaks for more than a week. Don't slack off just because you couldn't do it on time - I never miss my workouts, I reschedule. If at the end of the day you had time to sit down and watch an episode of a tv show, you should look for more motivation.

Short goals – I've done a post on this before, and here it is. Follow it. Short goals is the secret to keep it up.

Rewards – Yes, rewards. Whether it be cash you told someone to hide and not give to you until you ___ (Choosing a trustworthy person is recommended, this also is a great way to weed out 'friends'.)

Get a partner – Having a partner is definitely one of the best things that kept me going. You look at you partner, progressing - and you just can't help but wish to keep it up, maybe with these tips you'll even surpass them?

Start a small commitment – Something like, going for a jog every day for a month, for just twenty minutes. If you do it wholeheartedly, believe me, you will not want to stop, don't forget a reward afterwards.

The old-school way  Draw a big X over the days you have to do it. You're new-age and the only calendar  you have is the calendar on your computer? Buy one. They're not expensive ( it doesn't have to be all fancy, though, nothing's stopping you.) and hang it over your bed/in the bathroom, somewhere where you will see it every day, every morning, every night. This is the most straight-forward and basic way to keep motivation up.

Have you phone go crazy – On the days - set five phone alarms going off at random times during the day. I'm sure everytime the alarm goes off, you'll think about it and will soon realise that you could be spending your time productively. Believe me, mine does, it's also on full volume, and I've purposely set it to go off during class, that makes me paranoid, also making me think about what I should do later on today.

These are 7 most effective ( with my experience ) ways of getting back into it. Do not look at this post like you don't need to try these, it can make a difference.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water, not underestimate sleeping properly, stop making common mistakes to become happier! 


Natural One said...

I stopped my workout for about a month, now I'm back on it

Heaven. said...

Welcome back :)

Reilly said...

would run with my partner ;) ( if i had one :( )

D4 said...

Short tips. Functioning tips. I like.

Kid Shuffle said...

yes, taking a week break makes it really hard to come back. i've done it too many times, lol. glad to see you're back at it though!

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah I never take a break, one day a week I let myself do a little less than all other days, but other than that I don't take breaks.

Mochileiro said...

Was already missing the tips of a good life.
Get a partner - This is the most important, time flies.

Anonymous said...

Good lucky man

Anonymous said...

I'm ready! (:

Anonymous said...

I'll follow your tips.

Lord Phrozen said...

I got to admit that I keep losing motivation each day. I better think of a goal soon.

coneforce said...

great tip as always!

Gizmo said...

I don't like that thing with setting alarm randomly..it would just stress me out

MRanthrope said...

yeah I reschedule.I was supposed to work out yesterday but ended up hitting overtime at work, now I'm gonna do it today.

DanRobitzski said...

good stuff. following for fitness

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