Daily tip #46| Eat right!

1. You generally want to eat at least 3 to 4 times per day. Also, try not to snack in between meals.


2. For those of you who love to snack between meals, I recommend drinking a cup or two of water - your snacking needs will be gone!

3. You want to not down everything in one sitting. a big meal spikes the sugar in your blood, which triggers an insulin reaction which then converts the temporary surpulus to fat. Therefor, you get hungry sooner than you should.

4. Spreading the same number of calories over several smaller meals ( 3 to 5, instead of 2 to 3) gives you a better chance of using the calories for energy rather than turning them to fat

I'm going to begin following this short method of tipping, the long articles gave me a lot, but this blog isn't for such things, I'll make another one for full articles if the need ever arises.

Have a great friday everyone! Drink water, otherwise tomorrow's morning won't be as pleasant as you wish!


Daily tip #45| Clearing it up 301

Let's assume you run 30 minutes per day, you've changed your meal plan, it's been atleast a month, and.. Nothing. The weight doesn't shed off, so, what now?

You might be out-eating your cardio. Do not think that just because you are working out a lot you can eat a lot too - no. Losing weight is burning off more calories than you eat. If you burn off 800 and eat a 1000 - you'll gain 200. No matter how hard you are working out, you can always make this mistake. Just a friendly heads-up!

By the way - If you think that just because you eat very well cardio is not important, it still is. Cardio is one of the most important things you can do to improve your body. Ofcourse, you can lose weight with just nutrition. However, the two combined will grant you a healthy body!

How long will you have to keep this up? Here.


Daily tip #46| Clearing it up 401

Most people associate the words "Weight loss" and "Eating less" with deprivation, hunger and pain. Well, they're doing it wrong.

Losing weight and eating less does not mean deprivation, hunger, or pain, in my opinion, it's quite enjoyable! You spend less money, you're shedding the unfortunate belly and you're feeling happier. I know many people who think weight loss is all about starving 'model' style, and they either don't even take it up - or starve themselves, get sick,  feel horrible and become demotivated.

Goals matter in terms of the eating schedule and exercise, but hunger and deprivation has no place in a good plan! The single best tip I can give you in this case is.. Don't drink calories, eat them. After reading that, I'm sure you'll realise and find that you might have gotten better results just by dropping a few drinks!

Also.. Water, just read this.


Daily tip #44| Clearing it up 201

Fat loss. Very daunting words for many. But.. Are they really?
In my honest opinion - not at all, losing weight is simple - not matter what you've heard on TV before, be assured that you can lose weight as simply as making a minor change in your meals.

It's not like you have to work out two hours a day, 6 days a week - no, not even close to the truth. And you also can't buy a 6 pack, or a magic weight loss pill, they're gimmicks, placebos at best.

So what in the world is so simple to losing weight? Well, to start off, you should make a change in your meal plan, right here, read this for clarification.. The second thing you have to do is run.

Noooo, not away! On second though, you might not even have to run. Cardio is what you need, 30 minutes per day, to be exact. Every day sounds impossible for many, you can start off slower, 4-5 days per week. BUT I am almost completely sure that you can squeeze in 30 minutes of cardio every day, as long as you want it. What is cardio? Anything that makes your heart beat at the 70% - 85% of it's maximum. Sounds easy, and it is. For many walking fast is enough, sports count too. Obviously, younger people will need to walk quite fast, so swimming or playing sports is much easier for them. There are many things you can do if you don't like walking, for example, this. If you're already doing simple cardio, you can try this out.

To conclude.. Why do any of this? Well, obviously to lose weight! However there are many benefits to cardio, such as this. If you are thinking of taking up cardio, make sure to not make common mistakes, and, water!


Daily tip #43| Clearing it up 101

Nutrition is the key for the lock of a great body and mind, however, I bet you are thoroughly confused.

The web is STUFFED with conflicting advice on how to properly nutriate yourself. When, how much and what to eat?

Do not just take one's word for how you should eat - there is no "set" meal plan. Proper nutrition depends on what you want to be and your goals. Great nutrition is VERY important, and, it's easy. What? Eating no fries, no chips, just grass 6 times a day is easy?!

It is. And it's not what others make it out to be. The difference in the meal plan for a professional body builder, and someone obese who just wants to lose weight are immensely different.
In fact, if you're just trying to lose weight - it's immensely easier! You might not even have to be 'completely' healthy in terms of food choice. For example, the 3 times a day, or the swap meal plan is usually enough to shed off some serious weight

Don't stress it. And don't go into extremes - it can cause lifelasting mental and physical issues, which you can perfectly do without.

For most, the substitution or the 3 per day will be enough, they might or might not be small modifications (Don't be kidding me, anyone can commit to the substition plan!) but it's all you really need to lose weight!

Have a nice week, and see you on the next page!


Daily tip #42| Juice bad for teeth?

Is apple juice bad for your teeth? Well.. Apples are great for your teeth, why would apple juice be bad? That's logical, but..

Apple juice contains many sugars and acids. Apples do too, but when you eat an apple, the water and fibers inside of it wash away the acid and sugars. Juice doesn't have fibers or water, it can weaken and erode the enamel.

It has been found that orange juice decreases hardness and increases roughness of enamel...  Enamel hardness was decreased by 84 percent. That's right. It was literally washed away.
 It is important to understand that there are a lot of acids in fruit juices, sodas, energy and sport drinks. It is very important on how the drink is drunk, if you slowly sip it through 20 minutes, you are way more likely to have tooth erosion, than someone who drinks it in a few minutes.

Just a small sip leaves your teeth getting attacked by sugars and acids for twenty minutes.


Daily tip #41| Coffee and caffeine

Is dirnking coffee bad, or good for you?

There are several factors to consider. Coffee drinkers are less likely to have type II diabetes, Parkinsons disease, demetia and also have lower risks of certain cancers. The coffee bean itself contains chemicals which are mild psychotropics. They are there as self-defense of the plant.
Coffee has been proved to increase short term recall too. It also helps lessen brain cell damage, and help neurotransmitters function better.

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, more than blueberries, which is, frankly, quite a lot. Those antioxidants help boost your cells' reaction to insulin, and that helps with regulating sugar.

However, coffee has such effects as increased heart rate, blood pressure and irregular heartbeats, which is something to consider. Though, many argue that the antioxidants widen blood vessels, making the blood pressure problem irelevant.

If you simply want to stay up and fresh throughout the day, start a basic routine, drinking more water and sleeping better. I can guarantee that these will get you started on the right track of waking up fresh every day, add in solid nutrition and look, you're losing weight too!

I suggest drinking coffee, however, only in moderate amounts, definitely not 5 cups a day. When I need to, I drink coffee spaced out throughout the day, small amounts every two or two and a half hours, and I grind my own beans too - which I suggest you do too, it is the best way to enjoy coffee, no *bucks with a half cup of cream on top of your coffee - just the real thing.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water, not underestimate sleeping properly, stop making common mistakes to become happier! 
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