Daily tip #20| Basic routine

On one of my recent posts I've had a comment asking me of how to set up a basic routine to get started, I understand it might be difficult when having no idea from what to start, so let me give you a hand..

So, when beginning you want to start slow and easy so you don't injure yourself. Let me make you a basic, home workout to use.

Day                     Exercise                Sets                      Reps      
Monday             Crunches                    3                      12-25
                          Pushups                     3                        8-12
                          Overhand pullups       3                        8-10
                          Lunges                      3                         8-14

Tuesday             Cardio day, you should jog, swim, bike or brisk for 25 minutes.

Wednesday        Crunches                    3                      12-25
                          Pushups                     3                        8-12
                          Overhand pullups       3                        8-10
                          Lunges                      3                         8-14
                         Cardio, swim, jog, bike or brisk for 25 minutes.

Thursday           Cardio today, jog, brisk, swim or bike for 40 minutes today.

Friday                Crunches                    3                      12-25
                          Pushups                     3                        8-12
                          Overhand pullups       3                        8-10
                          Lunges                      3                         8-14

                      Cardio, easy jog, swim, brisk or bike for 15 minutes.

Saturday        Intense cardio day, jog, swim, brisk or bike at about 80% of your speed, 1 set lasts five minutes, 5 sets.

Sunday        Long session today, you might be feeling sore from saturday, so now you want to go easily, but long, do 60-90 minutes of light/slow jogging, brisking, swimming or biking. Do not go hard.

How much rest should you have between sets? Start off with 60 seconds of rest between sets. If you feel like you're getting too beat, increase the rest to 90 seconds, nothing over two minutes though. If you feel like this is too easy, decrease the rest to 30-45 seconds.

So there you go, I just put together a simple workout week, you should be able to follow this for quite a while. You do not want to increase the reps/lenght of cardio until you learn the proper form and understand your body, I suggest keeping this atleast two months, from then on you can increase the reps.

Do not forget to sleep better, eat better , drink a lot of water and have a better mindset. You'll achieve what you want eventually, you just have to fight for it, or in this care, do the above four.

Remember, you're getting used to this kind of routine, this is not a 'diet' type of thing, this is a lifestyle. You can get injured, stay safe.

You should always know it's better to cheat a day or two than quit. If you really feel like you can't do anything today, take the day off, but make sure to not miss one next week.


Anonymous said...

Great post! :)

Lord Phrozen said...

Thank you so much for posting this, I already printed the routine so I can follow it religiously. Aside from the overhand pullups, I think I can do most of them. I just can't find anything in my house to do overhand pullups.

Milky said...

Sweet man, this is actually helpful to me atm! (:

Max Power said...

thanks for the post i am bookmarking it. I realize I cannot jog everyday, so I will do as you suggest and do the other exercises great idea!

DEZMOND said...

I wish I had a private trainer!

Hasidic Plumber said...

Seems a little light, but it's still a good place to start (although i admit that it's hard to get a workout 7 days a week, that should be the hardest part).

the Wolf Shepard said...

Sometimes i rest a little TOO much in between sets. Gotta work on that haha

Astaroth said...

i can never stick to a routine for too long...

Gizmo said...

Great advices!

Anonymous said...

No she´s not living in china hehe.. i´m just saying that if she would, we can´t see each other as much as we do now :) But i´ll be cool if she would be living there , than i would have a reason to visit her in china :D

Pieter said...

Yes, routine is important!
But it does get boring after a while.

Ruth said...

The routine looks good, I'd generally end up doing some kind of exercise video though because I don't have the self-control to just push myself

Film Geek Bastard said...

I should save this blog for when I remember to work out.

Erika said...

Wow, this is absolutely motivating, as a part time model myself, working out is extremely important to me, but I realised I hardly do it right and not sure if 3 days a week is considered enough! Hmm..I shall start increasing my working out sessions to tone my body up even more :) thx for the tips!


Natural One said...

Very good

Anonymous said...

I think I should follow these steps.. hmm..

aki! said...

One of the issues i have is that I just can't keep this up as a lifestyle.

But, reading posts like this really motivates me.

McTeo said...

Man, now you opened my eyes of many things that I`ve done wrong! :O

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