Daily tip #6| Favourite day friday

It's friday!What's the most beloved activity to do on friday? You've guessed it, it's to have a drink.
If you were to drink one beer a day, everyday for a year, how much fat do you think you would add? 2 pounds, maybe, right?
Nope, sorry, 15. Fifteen pounds of fat, atleast to me, sounds like a lot...

Now.. I'm not talking about having a glass of wine once a month while attending a wedding, I'm talking weekly drinking. Okay, how old are you? Let's say mid twenties, 24, you're FOUR times more likely to die of alchohol related causes than of heart disease. I suggest you stop, now.

Okay? No? Lets say you work out, the quality every single calorie counts towards building muscle. You drink 3 beers, what does that give to you? 0 nutritional value. You know, you could of had 3 chicken breasts instead, which have high quality protein ( by the way if you're using supplements, read the lable and try to avoid stuff which you don't really know), which greatly helps you towards building muscle.

You want more? Okay, alchohol can prevent your body from absorbing vitamins, which can leave you malnurished. That doesn't sound very pleasant, now, does it? You can not add muscle while malnurished. Just a few simple, 'friendly' drinks can impair your performance. You're not going to push that max for atleast a week.

I'll give you even more. If you drank so much that you had a hangover, it can set you back a week. The empty calories, the dehydration, the lack of sleep, the lack of motivation, the lack of vitamins, the adding of fat. It's not just 'one night out' you'll be back in time a week, and when you go through it for the second time, you're going to get progressively worse.

Ready to put down that 'relaxing' beer? Wait! But I'm not done yet.

Your liver. It's a filter of your bloodstream. Now, what goes through your bloodstream? Blood, duh. But if you drink, alchohol is in your blood. Like a filter, your liver has a limited capacity. If you drink a lot, you can actually die of alchohol poisoning. Your liver can't filter it well enough anymore to get it out of your bloodstream.

So there you go, my friend, does that beer you were going to have with your friends tonight sound good anymore? Just have a nice relaxing movie, with friends who don't encourage you to poison yourself.


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wow.. you blog is hard to navigate, i have no idea where i'm putting this post, but hopefully you'll find it. Make something that would be less fancy looking but more user-friendly

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