Daily tip #5| Cheap shampoo

Lets talk shampoo.. Most shampoos are with high toxicity. I have an alternative.

As to no surprise, the shampoos which score low on the toxic index, are up in the sky on the price. What should you do if you want a healthier and cheaper alternative?

I can suggest something.. Baking soda. Yes. Baking soda. All you need is 1/8th of a cup of baking soda mixed with warm water for washing your hair (once). That's right, it's less than $1 for a box, so one washing is literally pennies!

I was skeptic about this, why didn't I know about this before if it's so magical? The scientific thing behind it is that it's rough texture scrubs the dirt and oils without destroying your natural skin oils.

Normal shampoo strips your head of natural oils, and its toxins can even get into your blood stream. After finding an alternative, I thought  'Yeah, I'll take a risk, what's the worst that could happen?' Well, I could end up with sticky oily hair for a week, or perhaps even bold, but nonetheless..

The first week.. My head felt kind of dry, so I've read up more on it. I found a suggestion that if you use 1/2 cup of vinegar into the baking soda it will ease the dryness.. Supposedly.

.. And it worked! It was amazing! How could you not be stunned after finding such an amazing, all-natural and literally pennies costing alternative to that expensive and high toxic shampoo and conditioner? I was very pleasantly surprised..

..Turns out it was true, you can truly have silky-smooth hair in a natural and (almost) free way.

I suggest you (wo)man up and try this! Please post your experiences in the comments and encourage others!


hoaks2 said...

Interesting. But what do you do about the smell?

neatfit said...

@hoaks2 I found that once you rinse your hair properly, the smell will go away :).

Hasidic Plumber said...

It sounds nice but i will try to keep washing my head and beard with shampoo for as long as i can afford it hahaha washing myself with vinegar and baking powder doesn't sounds very tempting

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