Daily tip #7| The saturday aftermath

Aaah, saturdays! You wake up to a beautiful green morning of lazyness. Unless you like to go out and drink on friday..

If you haven't read my friday's tip, here it is. If you've read it and still went out to get a nasty hangover, shame on you. But since you're here, I suppose I'll help you nonetheless..

Hangovers, aren't they nasty? You shouldn't care, because if you've read my past article, you should realise, that drinking is not a great activity.

First of all.. What exactly is a 'hangover'? A 'hangover' is your body trying to get out the poison (alchohol) out of it. All the throwing up and the headaches are direct signals from your body to YOU, telling you STOP WHY ARE YOU POISONING YOURSELF? After a long night it might start cussing too.

The first and most important tip is to drink water.  Dehydration is very likely after a night out drinking session. The majority of the effects of any hangover come from the dehydration of your body, caused by alchohol and caffeine. So if you're planning to attend a wedding, or a birthday which you can't miss and you know you'll be talked into drinking, you should start preparing yourself.

Drink loads of water. Water helps with dehydration and will lessen its effect when it does happen. You should be drinking over 2.5 litres of water a day. Research tells that water is what the body needs to function properly, from your brain working properly, to cleaning your body.

Eat something. Eating  something  before drinking should ease the effects of alchohol. If you like to drink more than on occasion, you probably knew that drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea.

Do not take pain killers. Alchohol plus medicine might equal death. Wait until the day after to take any medicine (probably pain reducing, won't it be?).

Stop drinking. Stop drinking at least an hour and a half before going to sleep so your body could atleast try to get some of the alchohol out of your system before you crash.

Just STOP. You really shouldn't drink as much as the others do, do you? Are they literally forcing it down your throat? They might be encouraging you, but you have your own head on your shoulders, they shouldn't think for you. By the way,  if they are actually forcing it down your throat, you should find new friends.

These are the tips. I recommend you don't drink enough to get a hangover. If you're at an event, a few glasses of wine or beer out of respect for the organizer are fine. Well, unless you attend something like that everyday.


GADAFINY said...

nice blog + following

Hasidic Plumber said...

You might not like this reply, but eating some very spicy soup and smoking a little weed does wonders for me. You can skip the weed part though. But the very spicy soup when hangover is just gnarly

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