Daily tip #2| Running

Running. Running hard one day after the the other will get you exhausted, demotivated and not being able to run at all

Try as much as possible to keep to a minimum number of running days per week, at LEAST three and more.

Results do not come overnight.Also make sure you listen to your body and do not just keep increasing the miles.Starting from zero you will be pleasantly surprised that within a matter of a few weeks you can make impressive fitness goals, but you should realise that getting better gets harder.

Let me give you a few tips for gettin there a tiny bit more comfortably (and hopefully injury free..).

Your shoes.
Visit a 'running' (sports) store to find out your foot type and size, and also ofcourse to buy the actual shoes. The experts there should answer all of your question about shoes.

Please, make sure to warm up.
A good warm-up signals to your body that it will have to start working soon. Not warming up leads to injuries.

Do not worry about pace.
As a beginner, your runs should be at an easy or a medium pace. Why? You've already read that above.

Try breathing through your nose AND mouth.
This will allow you to get enough oxygen. Also, taking deep 'belly breaths' will relieve side pains. You might look pregnant while doing it, but you'll be painless and more fit afterwards.

Your form.
Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle. Keep your posture straight and erect ( I bet you know how to do that well.) Your hands at waist level, lightly brushing your hip. Your legs should extend forward enough for you to stride. Once your knee is in the air, you should try and extend your leg forward. Your thigh has already done the work of getting there, so why not use its work properly?

That is what I have to share about running, remember, consistancy, discipline, patience. 


GADAFINY said...

thanks for tip i'll try to do what you said :D

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